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Swissness brings international success to Swiss companies

The reputation of Switzerland is above average. It is based on quality, originality and trustworthiness – values, which are becoming ever more important in a food market where emotional responses are a contributory factor.
According to the «Swissness Worldwide» study (2008) by the Institute for Marketing and Retailing at the University of St. Gallen, Swiss products and services enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. No other comparable country’s products were perceived in such a positive light as those of Switzerland. They are deemed particularly reliable, high quality and luxurious, and are associated with accordingly higher prices, with the price being considered an indicator of product quality. (…)
Innovation in particular is perceived as improved. (…)
Swiss products represent tradition, reliability, top quality and exclusivity/luxury. These values no longer need to be explicitly communicated; they are understood. Other values connected with many Swiss products, such as innovation, technology, trendiness or eco- logical benefits, are perceived to a lesser extent. They should therefore be given greater emphasis in communication in order to help both the product brand and the brand of Switzerland to present themselves on the markets in a more modern light.
The number of consumers of Swiss products in the mid-range price sector is decreasing. On the other hand, the bottom and top price sectors show an increase. In other areas the Swiss economy has succeeded in capturing the high price sectors. There is no reason why the food industry should not also succeed in this area.